Welcome to the healing practice of Robbin Phelps, LMT, MSW

Upcoming Class in Delaware
Foundations of Trager®
Saturday and Sunday, September 6 and 7, 2014
Milford, DE at Milford Massage, Wellness and Yoga
Let the power of bodywork and presence support you in transition toward your healthier, more vibrant, you. Let this subtly deep work change how you hold yourself and move, so long shaped by stress and injury, so that you take the ease and joy from a session into your life. Take time for yourself.
The Trager® Approach’s gentle, rhythmic movements allow the body to let go and experience ease, integration, and balance for the whole of you. You can learn simple interventions, in the form of self-care movements, to remind yourself of what you gained in the table work, and recreate, relearn those sensations. These self-care movements (called Mentastics®) are also taught in fun group classes.
"Trager", "Mentastics", and the Dancing Cloud Logo are registered service marks of Trager International, which licenses their use in the USA to the United States Trager Association and its members.