Welcome to the healing practice of Robbin Phelps, LMT, MSW

There is a way of being which is lighter, which is freer a way in which work as well as play becomes a dance, and living, a song. We can learn this way.   – Dr. Milton Trager

Ease, freedom, and possibility are for mind and body and spirit and heart. In letting go of physical holding, the mental holding loosens its grip. When we find joy, the body’s tensions uncoil. 
There are many doorways to enter into change. Receive bodywork to change the physical state first, allowing in a lighter mental state. Joyful easy movement comes in through the body-mind gate and touches the spirit. Receive and learn about energywork, touching all the doorways at once.
I am thrilled to announce the re-opening of Center for the Healing Arts at 6935 Laurel Ave., Suite 208, in Takoma Park, MD, beginning November 1, 2014, with my colleague Fanny Mandelberger, OTR/L, CMT.
Grand re-opening of the Center for the Healing Arts during Old Takoma’s Pajamarama, December 7, 2014, 7am to 10am. Join us for treats, samples and winter warmth.

 “If you are in the Takoma Park, MD area and need body work that addresses symptoms AND helps connect mind, body, spirit, I highly recommend the care and insights of Robbin.” - J.D.
The Trager® Approach’s gentle, rhythmic movements allow the body to let go and experience ease, integration, and balance for the whole of you. You can learn simple interventions, in the form of self-care movements, to remind yourself of what you gained in the table work, and recreate, relearn those sensations. These self-care movements (called Mentastics®) are also taught in fun group classes.
"Trager", "Mentastics", and the Dancing Cloud Logo are registered service marks of Trager International, which licenses their use in the USA to the United States Trager Association and its members.